7 Weird Facts About Cleopatra

Was Cleopatra really commit suicide?

Most people think that Cleopatra committed suicide by the left cobra snake on her breasts. But it is written that her death was gentle and painless, while cobra venom causes paralysis, spasms and severe pain.

It is likely that she was poisoned on Augustus’ order, and sucide with cobra bite is a fictional story to cover up a murder.

Cleopatra was three times married

After her father’s death in 51 BC, she became monarch with only 18 years old. She ruled for 21 years and even had three marriages: first with Ptolemy XIII, the second with Ptolemy XIV and the third, also the most famous marriage with Mark Antony.

Cleopatra died just 12 days after the death of Mark Antony, who committed suicide with a sword because he thought that she also committed suicide.

cleopatraShe was married to her brothers

As mentioned previously; she was married three times. But fact is, her first two husbands were her brothers. It may sound strange but it was then common in Egypt’s royal dynasties. That is why many members of the dynasty suffered from various diseases that occur as a result of incest, as hemophilia and various mental disorders.

It is interesting also that she had no children from her marriages with brothers.

She had children with Caesar and Mark Antony

Cleopatra was the only woman who had children with two rulers of Roman “World”. She was the mistress of Julius Caesar, and with him she had one son, named Caesarion (Little Caesar). He is known as the last Pharaoh of Egypt. It is not ruled long because, soon after assuming the throne, was killed by the Romans.

Her next three kids coming out of her marriage with Mark Antony; two sons and a daughter. Only her daughter was not killed, and after married she became Queen of Mauretania and Numidia (today Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia).

No one knows where her grave is

The historian Plutarch says that her grave is somewhere in Egypt (along with Mark Antony), but research shows that this may not be true.

It is believed that she built a tomb for himself in the ancient city of Alexandria, and that part the city is now under the sea.

1000 liters of donkey’s milk bath

Did you know that Cleopatra bathed in donkey’s milk? Yes, bathed daily in donkey’s milk, and for one bath is needed more than 1,000 liters of milk. She believed that in this way keeps the skin young.

Given the price and the high cost of milk, that is like someone, nowadays, every day spend on bathing more than 100,000 USD.

Cleopatra was not beautiful

Cleopatra was considered a symbol of beauty, but mostly because we all imagine her as Elizabeth Taylor (no need to explain why). But the beauty in those days and today is not the same thing. From the looks of her portraits and statues she had a long and crooked nose, a firm face and pointy beard.

What then attracted two Roman rulers? Probably her political power and influence and fact that “today” look was not important in Ancient times. But we will continue to imagine her as Elizabeth Taylor, and she will remain the symbol of beauty.

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