10 Crazy Facts About Caligula

Caligula is considered one of the most notorious of all Roman emperors. He used his power to terrorize people, raped and killed them with sadistic enthusiasm. Two thousand years after its rule; its abnormal life continues to be a symbol of perversion and sadism. We bring you crazy facts about this cruel ruler…

Fact: The nickname Caligula which in Latin means “a little boots”, was received by soldiers in his father’s military camp because he followed his father during his campaign in Germania – as a boy of three years. Since he did not love his nickname, his contemporaries probably did not use it in his presence. His real name was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

Fact: His uncle Tiberius killed his mother and his brothers. When his father died, his mother came back with six children in Rome, preparing for blood revenge on Emperor Tiberius, brother of her husband. Tiberius killed her and her sons – except Caligula. To stop blood revenge, Caligula accepted a call to join the emperor Tiberius…

Fact: Third Roman emperor – In 37 Caligula succeeded his uncle Tiberius as a Roman emperor. He became a Roman emperor at the age of only 24 years. It was only the third Roman emperor after Augustus and Tiberius.

Fact: At first, noble and moderate ruler – He is described as a noble and moderate ruler in the first six months of rule. His rule began with the amnesty of all those who were convicted under Tiberius whose decisions he declared invalid. The instigators were punished, and the law of majesty ceased to apply.

Fact: Later, crazy cruel ruler  – He later showed his cruelty, sadism, extravagance, and sexual perversion, presenting himself as a crazy tyrant.  Caligula is for himself demanded honors that are presented to the gods; invented a special ceremonial, deep bow, kissing the feet (which was the eastern custom)…and many more which was not customary before, and to fill the emptied state treasury, seized the property of the convicted, organized forced bans, and imposed huge taxes on provinces.

caligula factsFact: “A goddess” – He built a temple dedicated to himself on whose opening appeared dressed like a goddess. He often wore women’s dresses. To everyone was forbidden to looking down at Caligula if he had found himself at some higher postion when Caligula passing through street (for example balcony). He demanded sacrifices to him, seeking for people to be sacrificed in the arena, or in other ways.

Fact: Caligula sisters – There are stories about his incestuous relationship with his three sisters, who allegedly even prostituted. When his sister Druzilla (his most beloved mistress) died, he declared her a goddess, and his insanity was completely flushed on the surface when he declared the next weeks of public mourning and ban of laughter. He had plenty of lovers.

Fact: His horse Incitatus was holding it in a marble stable, the horse had always been present at important dinners, and feeding it with barley sprinkled with gold. When on one occasion there were not enough criminals to be thrown in arena into battle with wild beasts, Caligula ordered that part of viewers be thrown.

Fact: Killed in conspiracy – Caligula’s tyrannical rule and allowing slaves to denounce their masters provoked dissatisfaction, both by the Senate and by the command staff of the Praetoriens, and there were those who thought the Emperor had become mentally ill (which was probably true). A conspiracy was made and Caligula was killed by the praetorian military tribune Cassius Chaerea in January 41.

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