Top 10 Most Famous Secret Societies

Because of its mystery, and veil of secrecy that envelops them; secret societies are often the subject of interest of a wide range of people. Not only because we do not know what is going on behind their closed doors, but also because we examine the motives of their existence. They range from political and religious to extremely elitist…

Illuminati (Enlightened) is a society of free thinkers formed in 1776 in Bavaria as a philosophical opposition to the state. They were committed to the noble objectives such as elimination of prejudice, the battle against government oppression and the fight against discrimination against women.

Today, many believe that the Illuminati have been responsible for the French Revolution and other major historical turning point, as if still in the background controlling the world economy and public opinion, backed by financial injections of banking tycoons like the Rothschilds and others. As members of this mysterious society of the Illuminati are given the Bush family, Winston Churchill and Barack Obama, also Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay Z, Jim Carrey and Lady Gaga.

Trilateral Commission
The Trilateral Commission is a club which has several hundred members from all over the world, started in the early seventies with the aim of strengthening political relations between America, Japan and Europe. The members can become only if they receive an invitation, but a necessity and some higher functions in their own country.

Secret SocietiesBilderberg Group
Bilderberg Group is associated with the Trilateral Commission, but as the first of its meetings shall at least have a report which want to influence global developments, the Commission Bilderberg does not it. Confidentiality of meetings justify allegations that they want to speak freely without fear of media. It contains little more than a hundred members of the European and American powerful ones who meet once a year in luxury hotels, and they meet by 1954.

Opus Dei
Opus Dei is a Catholic organization whose official goal is the pursuit of Christian perfection. So it is for the one very useful organization that helps believers to practice their faith in everyday life and giving spiritual help and for the not asking anything in return, while for the other is a radical and conservative group with dangerous intentions that has the desire to rule the world.

Onto Templi Orientis
The spiritual pioneer of Onto Templi Orientis (oriental Templars) society is a chemist Carl Kellner who was interested in Freemasonry and Eastern mysticism. They are also known for learning about the “magic of masturbation,” as well as the other sexual rituals and highly stylized rituals of initiation involving evocation of Egyptian gods and naked priests.

Masons (Freemasons)
Very influential and strictly hierarchically organized movement today, it is believed, has about six million members and was created in conditions of liberal enlightenment. Very influential and strictly hierarchically organized movement today, it is believed, has about six million members and was created in conditions of liberal enlightenment.

The movement builds on the tradition of masonry-construction guilds, thus providing their symbols – a compass and protractor. The basic organizational structure of the Freemasons is the Masonic Lodge, and it is believed that the first was established in 1717 in London. It is believed that post.oje 33 levels. Masons are often associated with conspiracies and conspiracy theories of all kinds. Famous Freemasons were Mark Twain, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin…

The Giga Society
This society has only seven members, a prerequisite is to have a higher IQ of 195. This society is not so much a secret as far as elite, in fact, anyone can take the test on their official website and try to secure their place. So far it has managed two Americans, four Europeans and the Japanese one. Each of them is literally one of the billion.

Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones society students from the University of Yale. Every spring this secret society is accepting new members. Among them were at US presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, many senators, judges of the Supreme Court, which led many to speculate that this secret society acts as a kind of underground organization and achieve the aims of the political elite. Membership in this society is no longer a secret, but their rituals are.

The Thule Society
For a large number of secret societies are suspected to have evil intentions, but Thule Society is one of the few who did it and prove it. They started their gatherings in Germany after the end of the first World War, dealt with the occult, but were soon transformed into an organization that has promoted the ideology of Aryan race, and which has taken racist attitudes in relation to the Jews and other minorities. In 1919, they founded a political organization under the name of German Workers’ Party, whose member was the young Adolf Hitler.

Knights of the Golden Circle
The Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret society that operated in the United States during the Civil War. At first they tried to get to the merger of Mexico and the Caribbean. However, when the war started, divert their attention from colonialism to fire support to the newly formed government of the Confederacy. They recruited thousands of followers. They had a big impact in the northern states. Often formed outlaw gangs to their goals realized with the use of force. A member of the Society was the outlaw Jesse James…

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