5 Useful Ways To Spend Table Salt

1. Fruits and vegetables plunge in slightly salted water until they are preparing for the cooking to prevent darkening. A classic example: you peel a lot of potatoes for a holiday, put the peeled potatoes in a bowl with salt water that does not darken while clean rest.

2. The stings of bees, mosquitoes and many insects produce itching and discomfort. Soak rag in salt water and put on the injection site as a compress. This will refresh your skin and soothe irritation.

Table salt3. A combination of salt and baking soda get organic toothpaste. Salt water can gargle to relieve sores and maintain fresh breath.

4. Bad smell emanates from a drain in the sink? Pour into drain salt water and some smells will disappear. If that’s not enough, the drain pour boiling salted water. If this does not help, call a plumber.

5. Did you wash your new towels, bedding or clothing, during the first few washes, add a quarter cup of salt to the fabric would not let go color. An additional bonus is that it will be long after you stop adding salt colors remain stable.

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