Thessaloniki Facts – Chocolate Factory and Old Buildings

Chocolate factory, enjoying the sunny lookout, old buildings, churches… are only part of the rich tourist offer of Thessaloniki.

Chocolate journey begins on the real Amazon forest and the Temple of the Aztecs, introducing visitors to the history of chocolate with the latest technology, further, through a maze pirate ship that carried them to the best chocolate factory in the world.

There is also the biggest waterfall of chocolate in Europe, the oldest machine, a maze, workshops in which makes chocolate and biscuits, sculpture gallery, exhibition halls of art and culture, Cute Library, Green Room for the most interesting photos, the social part, and of course, the room for education, which makes this whole incredible theme park. Finally, there is a tasting, whether you opt for the chocolate-scented roses, hot chocolate or chocolate candy, one thing is certain, you will enjoy this sweet town.

Tomb of Philip II

tomb of philip IIIn Vergina you can see under ground unique museum, which, among other things, includes the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. The town became famous in 1977 when the Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos found the ruins, mausoleum of Macedonian kings, including the tomb of Philip of Macedon.

In the this area of vines, fruit and tobacco lived the first king of Macedonia, and his sumptuous tomb was discovered in 1972. In the modern museum can be seen precious objects, Philip armor, beautifully decorated tomb, silverware, weapons, as well as the most beautiful woman golden crown that was found in Greece.

Church of St. Demetrius

Church of St DemetriosIn Thessaloniki, be sure to visit the Church of St. Demetrius, patron of Thessaloniki. The building was built on the ruins of Roman baths, where the saint was in prison, and according to legend, was buried. The first early Christian church, with wooden roof, was destroyed by fire in the 7th century.

It was rebuilt in the same form, but it was again destroyed by fire of 1917. With the restoration of the church have tried to preserve its original size and again was opened in 1949. The building represents the basilica, beautifully decorated with frescoes and mosaics. Below the altar is the crypt where Saint Demetrius was tortured. Once here was a source of myrrh, aromatic oil that are sick believers treat. Today’s crypt converted into a museum.

Ano Poli or the Upper Town

white towerAno Poli or the Upper Town is what remains of the Ottoman Thessaloniki. Do not miss to visit this site and with beautiful old wooden houses listed in the winding, cobbled streets all the way to the top of the city, discover the hidden beauty and some of the most beautiful views of Thessaloniki. Ano Poli, also contains some of the oldest and major town churches, which fortunately were not damaged in the great fire of 1917.

Facts about Thessaloniki

There is biggest waterfall of chocolate in Europe and it is the second largest city of Greece.
Who established Thessaloniki? King Cassander of Macedon, who was friend of Alexander the Great.
How it got name? Thessalonike was sister of Alexander the Great.
What means Thessaloniki? Victory over Thessaly.
Most famous sight in Thessaloniki is the white tower.
It is known as Greek city of love.

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