Pink Lake Hillier Facts – Western Australia

Seen from the air, glistening light-pink surface of a remote lake Hillier looks like icing on the cake. Shallow salt lake about 600 meters wide appears to belong to the world of fairy tales, not wavy seas.

Edged with white salt and surrounded by dark green forests of eucalyptus and tea, the lake of the deep blue waters of the ocean separated with narrow area of white dunes and sand.

Lake gives an unexpected color of the Middle Island that is covered with thick forest.

This is one of over a hundred small islands that together create Recherche Archipelago along the south coast of Western Australia.

The mysterious pink waters of lake hillier

Lake Hillier represents a mystery among Australian ‘pink’ lakes. It is not known what causes this kind of a color. The cause of pink lakes investigated by a group of scientists in 1950. They were expecting to find a salt water algae such as Dunaliella saline, which in very salty water produces a red pigment and so the color others ‘pink’ lakes in Australia, such as a lake near Esperanza.

Beach of lake Hiller Lake Hillier pink color Lake Hillier Lake separated from sea Lake from air

However, water samples from the lake did not contain traces of algae in necessary percentage to affect color of lake, so it is still not known what caused the pink color of the water. The color of the lake is permanent, which means they remain pink even when they save in a bowl.

It is also the most popular tourist destination in this part of Australia, and often organized airplane flights over the lake, to this beautiful part of nature could see in its entirety.

Can you swim in lake hillier? Although sometimes salt lakes dangerous for swimming because too much salt is corrosive, as well as the Dead Sea lake Hillier is safe for swimming …

The first record of this lake dates from 1802, when the British sailor and hydrographer Matthew Flinders stopped on the Middle Island on their way to Sydney. He climbed to the highest peak of the Middle Islands (now known as Flinders peak) to explore the environment, and accidentally discovered the lake of bright pink color.

During the 19th century Middle Island was inhabited by seal and whales hunters. In the early 20th century, on the part of the lake was made the salt works, which soon abandoned. Here is how to visit lake – The Pink Lake Hillier of Australia

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Facts about Lake Hillier

No. 1 – is a saline lake

No. 2 – it is about 600 metres in length by about 250 metres in width

No. 3 – color of lake is pink and is permanent

No. 4 – it is not known why water in this lake is pink

No. 5 – only living organism in Lake Hillier is Dunaliella salina

No. 6 – Lake Hillier is safe to swim in

No. 7 – there is no fish in

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