How Do People Taste Foods

How do people taste foods depends on the particle’s activity of certain substances on certain organs in human body.

If particles of a substance can not move freely, we can not feel its taste. That is why we only taste the tastes of those substances that are in a dissolved state.

Animals that live in the water have taste buds all over their bodies. Fish can feel the taste with its tail fin! Land animals have taste buds lying in their mouth, and in humans, these buds are only in tongue.

If you look at your tongue in the mirror, you will see that it is covered with tiny nodules. In the walls of these nodules there is a sense of taste.

In the animal, the number of taste buds depends on the needs of each animal species. For example, whales swallow whole flocks of fish without chewing them; they have a small number of taste buds for taste, or they do not have them at all.

Pigs have about 5,500 taste buds, cows have about 35,000, and antelopes about 50,000. Man does not have a particularly sensitive sense of taste. It has only about 3,000 taste buds!

Taste buds cookieThe taste buds in the human tongue are distributed in different areas, and each one is sensitive to only one type of taste. The last part of the tongue is sensitive for bitter, side parts for sour and salty, and the tip of the tongue for sweet. In the central part of the tongue there is an area in which there is no taste buds and no tastes can be felt!

Fragrance is an important participant in our sense of taste. At least half of what we consider tasteless is not taste at all but smell! That’s when we try coffee, tea, wine, apple, orange and lemon. For example, when we drink coffee, we will first feel the heat, then the bitterness that comes from acid and coffee, and then sweet, if the coffee is boiled. But only when the hot steam that is released from the coffee reaches our throat and nose and sends its message to the brain, we will really feel the “taste” of coffee. Here’s the proof: if you clog your nose, you will not only be able to “taste the taste” of the coffee, but you will not even be able to feel the difference between the two completely different foods you eat or drink!

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