How Do We Smell Things

Everyone likes sweet smells – the scent of flowers, or the smell of cakes that are baked. But an unpleasant odor can be very unpleasant.

It is odd, but the amount of smell, and when they are nice and when they are unpleasant, can be very small, but that smells still feel.

Do you know that you will feel the odor of some substances even when in the air there is an incredibly small ratio: 1:30,000,000,000! This applies to a man whose smell is weaker than in a dog.

What causes the smell?

We smell when some chemical substance comes into contact with the ends of certain nerves. This substance must be in the form of gas or steam, otherwise it would not be able to travel through the air. That’s why we can smell it at some distance.

The cells for the sense of smell are located in small hairs located on the mucous membrane in the nose. They occupy a very small area in the upper nose cavity. They are so placed to breathe the air through them.

SmellBut, if you deliberately want something to smell, for example flower, usually strongly retract the air through the nose and thereby directing it right towards the area of smell.

To smell something, it must be evaporative, that means it must be on the move, or it must bring us some moving substance. When smell reaches a certain area of the nose, it triggers a nervous stream that travels to the brain, where we recognize a certain smell.

Every day we meet the six common types of smell: the smell of flowers and fruits, the scent of common spices, the smell of burning, the smell of rotting, the smell of gasoline and oil, and finally the smell of various essential oils (the smell of soap, perfume and similar).

The sweat from stress has a most unpleasant odor

The scent of sweat depends on the activity, whether it is sweating after exercising or stress. The sweat from stress has the most offensive odor because it produced only apocrine glands that are found on the scalp, armpits and groin. In these parts there is a lot of hair that accumulates bacteria that break down sweat on the skin and cause an unpleasant smell.

Some people have saltier sweat than others, and that kind of sweat is most easily identified by the white marks on the skin, they feel itching in the eyes or on the wound.

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