10 Strange Facts About Brain Stroke

Brain stroke is one form of brain damage. The professional name is apoplexy.

A stroke occurs when the flow of blood is interrupted in some part of the brain, and in that part the brain tissue is damaged.

There are several causes that can prevent blood supply to certain parts of the brain. The blood vessels may break, causing bleeding in the brain.

Then, blood can coagulate in any part of the brain, causing the bloodstream to stop and stop the flow of blood and oxygen. This is called thrombosis.

Blood vessels can be clogged with a small fraction, usually a blood clot, an embolus, which is drawn by the bloodstream from other parts of the body. Embolus usually occurs in heart disease, but may occur in other diseases.

When brain damage occurs, it is not so important what the cause of stroke is. If it is a damaged part of the brain through which nerve fibers pass, which control the voluntary movements, feelings of pain, body temperature, touch or vision, then their disorder occurs.

Brain strokeThese are some of the interesting facts about stroke:

Fact: About 85% of the stroke is ischemic. They can be caused by a blood clot (thrombus) that prevents sufficient oxygen flow to the brain.

Fact: Brain tissue stops working if oxygen intake is delayed for more than 60 to 90 seconds, and after about three hours there are irreversible injuries leading to tissue death, ie stroke. Read: 7 things you can do to prevent a stroke!

Fact: “Frank’s sign” is a diagonal line on the ears, which can mean an increased risk of stroke. A total of 241 people who had had stroke were examined by scientists. Nearly three-quarters of the respondents had a diagonal line on the ears or Frank’s sign.

Fact: In Western countries, stroke causes more deaths than any other disease. People who experience stroke are on average older than 60 years.

Fact: Stroke is more common in men than in women.

Fact: Every six seconds someone is “killed” by a stroke. Every two seconds a stroke affects one person regardless of age or gender.

Fact: Approximately one third of stroke is fatal. One-third of them cause permanent damage or disability, while the remaining third has no significant consequences.

Fact: In the winter, the number of cases of stroke increases. This was due narrowing the blood vessels and reducing their volume due low temperatures.

Fact: Even 46% of stroke is produced in the most productive age, ie between 45 and 59 years of age.

Fact: During lifetime, one in six people in the world will experience a stroke.

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