The Man Who Invented Uzi – Uziel Gal

This machine gun is almost an inexhaustible weapon in the mafia clashes, special units, and arsenals of many countries around the world.

The famous Israeli Uzi machine gun whose constructor was Uziel Gal and after whom it was named.

Uziel Gal was born in 1923 in Germany and died 79 years later in American Philadelphia. His native Germany, he left already as a boy, in the thirties of the last century before the Nazi regime began with the persecution of the Jews.

His name became essential in the late 1940s, when, after the Arab-Israeli war in 1948, a newly formed Israeli army was craving for a lightweight automatic rifle that would use patrols and would not “stuck” in critical moments. Here is the young Israeli commander, Uziel Gal, come up with the right solution for the needs of his army.

Did you know … Uzi is legally manufactured in seven factories around the world.

Of course, this solution is a celebrity small and lightweight 9mm automatic rifle – UZI. As soon as his invention was celebrated in Israel, he retired, and his knowledge and art decided to “donate” to the Americans and moved to Philadelphia where he produced other versions of rifles for the American market.

Uziel Gal UziWith the inevitable Kalashnikov, Uzi is the most popular rifle of the present day, which is used by security services in at least 26 states, with particular popularity reaching among the criminals who use this rifle to use in robberies or interrupts.

The main advantages of Uzi are the fact that it is very light and fast filled, as well as a small number of parts, which makes it quickly and easily assembled or disassembled.

From it you can shoot using only one hand, and its miniature size, compared to other automatic rifles such destructive power, it is certainly an important factor.

Did you know … To date, more than two million copies of this weapon have been sold.

It is interesting fact is that Gal was arrested and sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for wearing an illegal weapon in 1943. He insisted that the rifle did not call on him, but that request is, as we know today, ignored.

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