10 Facts About Stalin’s Purges And Regime

Joseph Stalin, one of the most cruel dictators, was the leader of the Soviet Union for more than two decades. He became leader after the death of Vladimir Lenin with the help of the Communist Party, whose chief secretary was.

Stalin remained remembered by encouraging industrialization and collectivization. It took millions of people into poverty and hunger, and some even in Soviet detention camps (gulag).

He systematically committed crimes and genocide across the Soviet Union. His police were quite similar to the German Gestapo and although the Russians fought in the Second World War against the Nazis, we can safely say that Stalin had in many ways the same or similar ideas as Adolf Hitler.

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin is often the subject of myths and legends. Millions of people have lost their lives under his rule, even the closest associates. These are 10 brutal facts about his secret life.

Fact: Stalin left the oldest son in the Nazi prison, and he did not want to help him… Yakov Iosifovich Jugashvili was the eldest of Joseph Stalin’s four children, however, the two of them never had a good relationship and barely had contact. The Soviet dictator has always hated his older son because, allegedly, he was not a “strong character” man. During the battle in Smolensk, his son was captured by Nazis. Stalin was soon informed about the capture of his son, but it did not hurt him at all. He claimed that his son was a coward and traitor and ordered that Yakov’s wife Julia be captured (Namely, there was a law that punished the family of anyone who would be considered a traitor). In 1943, Yakov was killed by German guards.

Fact: Stalin’s second wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva died in 1932; she committed suicide by shooting herself after a quarrel with Stalin. According to her daughter’s statement, she wrote a farewell message whose content was part of a political and a part of personal. According to some sources, Stalin said: “She died as an enemy.”

Fact: In 1933 Stalin expelled 6,000 people on the uninhabited island in western Siberia, and he called these people “the elements that expired“. Many were poor, handicapped or crippled and did not fit in Stalin’s vision. In the first night when they arrived, horrible weather conditions took 295 lives. Those who have tried to leave the island died of frostbite or terrible weather conditions. A total of 4,000 people died there…

Fact: In Stalin’s time, the confession during torture was sufficient for the death sentence. For example, in 1952 fifteen Soviet Jews were charged for collaborating with the US intelligence service. The secret police came to torture. Of the 15 accused, 13 were sentenced to death. They were shot on August 12, 1952. In the Jewish community, that date was known as “The Night of the Murdered Poets”.

Fact: The Katyn massacre was a series of mass shootings of Polish citizenship. The massacre was initiated by NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria and approved by Joseph Stalin. The number of killed is estimated at about 22,000. Out of the total number of those killed, some 8,000 were captured officers after the Soviet invasion of Poland, an additional 6,000 were police officers, while the rest were Polish intellectuals.

Fact: Svetlana Stalin was Stalin daughter born on February 28, 1926, the same year that her father was officially named leader for the first time. Because of her thousands of girls have been named Svetlana. Her relationship with her father began to hurt when she became a teenager, which was also the time of the Second World War. Her first love, a filmmaker of Jewish origin, Aleksei Kapler, Stalin sent to Gulag.

Fact: He was obsessed with himself. After taking over power after Lenin’s death, he ordered several cities across the country to be named after him. The most famous is Stalingrad (1961 renamed to Volgograd), where almost a million soldiers and 50,000 civils were killed during battle.

Fact: The result of Stalin’s policy of compulsory collectivization was the famous Holodomor, a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 that killed an officially estimated 7 million to 10 million people. Stalin was determined to destroy Ukrainian nationalism. In fact, the artificial famine was only one of many ways to make a “cleaning” and get rid of inconvenient people in Ukraine, and even some of Ukrainian Communists. Stalin’s decisions and methods condemned millions of peasants to death by starvation. The peak of the Holodomor was in the spring of 1933, 17 people dying every single minute, 1000 people every hour and almost 25,000 every day …

Fact: He is responsible for the mass crimes committed by the Red Army, and the worst and most unpopular crimes include the mass rape of at least 2 million German women during the war and post war, and the decision on the forced labor of the Germans after the end of the war. From 1944 to 1956 millions of Germans lost their lives in forced labor in concentration camps across Stalin’s Empire.

Fact: The nuclear facility in Ozerska was built in a hurry between 1945 and 1948, under the orders of Stalin. Lake Karachay on the Russian Ural, where nuclear waste was deposited, is the most polluted place on the planet. In 1990 was measured a hundred times the amount of radiation that, for example, an American worker could be exposed by the law during the year! It takes less than an hour for a healthy person to radiate and die.

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