Largest Nuclear Explosion in Space – 1.4 Megatons

On July 9, 1962 occurred in the largest nuclear explosion that humanity has ever performed in space. In fact, Americans are in the vicinity of Earth detonated a thermonuclear bomb forces even 1.4 megatons. It was a make nearly 90 times stronger than 16 kiloton yield bomb on Hiroshima 1945 year.

The explosion was carried out at a distance of 400 kilometers above the Earth’s surface (but the height of 100 kilometers is considered the boundary of the universe). In comparison, at the height of about 400 kilometers today is also International Space Station (ISS).

U.S. bomb detonated on the day it launched the missiles Thor and exploded about 1,400 miles west of Hawaii.

It is interesting that the explosion was so strong that it went out, and about 300 light street lights in Hawaii, and turn on the many burglar alarms.

TLargest Nuclear Explosion in Spacehe reason for this is the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that produce such an explosion and which are sensitive to electrical appliances.

There are theories that such a cosmic explosion using EMP could cause the cancellation of a large part of the electrical and electronic equipment on Earth. Otherwise, given the U.S. space nuclear test had a name Starfish Prime. Also caused a cancellation of many satellites orbiting the Earth.

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