7 Facts About Great White Shark

Great white shark known as the ‘great white’ is a most famous marine predator that wherever they appeared at the same time inspires fear and respect.

Fear because it was a shark that usually attacks people, and respect because it is an animal that is thanks to the ability to survive survived thousands of years.

It’s fascinating that they can smeel one drop of blood in 4.6 million gallons of water. Here are 7 fascinating facts about this “incredible monster”…

Largest great white shark

The largest ever recorded great white shark in the world is known under the name Deep Blue. Deep Blue is a female, almost seven meters long (21 ft) and around 50 years old.

It was filmed near Isla Guadalupe at the Mexican Coast for the documentary of Discovery Channel, released in 2014, and it is unknown why the footage is not included in the documentary, or why the release is waiting until the present.

Great lifespan

Great white sharks live 70 years or more, that is three times longer than previously thought. Thanks to carbon dating -14, scientists have analyzed the vertebrae of four males and four females from the northwest of the Atlantic.

The biggest male was 73, and the female was 40 years old.

Amazing teeth

Great white shark has a huge sharp triangular teeth, which grow back if they are torn. At the root of the teeth there are as many nerve branches as we have in the tips of our fingers, which no one has been able to explain until now, because it turns out that the teeth of serve as a touch sensor.

It is assumed that this type of shark during life change around one thousand teeth.

Eat brothers and sisters

Young are born of eggs, but still in their mother’s womb, and, to be expected, the strongest instantly eat their weak brothers and sisters before they get out of the womb of their mother. Full sexual maturity reaches at the age of fifteen.

Swim while sleep

The sharks swim while sleeping (with open mouths), but slow – as if they were stunned. If they do not swim while sleep – they could not breathe!

Namely, while a shark swims through its gill cracks inputs and outputs of water that passes through the gills where in turn separates the oxygen necessary for their breathing.

Swim up to 25 kmh

A great white shark named after the white color that can be seen on the underside of the animal. Thanks to the body in the form of torpedoes and strong tails of large white pines, they move fast and can reach speeds of over 25 kilometers per hour (15 mph).

Three months without food

They feed on penguins, fish, seals, sea lions and dolphins. A great white shark in a year can eat 11 tons of food, but if there is no food it can live up to three months without eating anything.

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