5 Facts Why Penguins Can’t Fly

Penguins (lat. Spheniscidae) are a group of birds that can not fly, and they live in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the only family in the order Sphenisciformes, birds of subclass Neognathae. Penguins includes six families with 17 or 20 species.

Are easily distinguished from all other birds. They got adapted to life in the sea, and partly extremely cold areas nationwide. They can not fly, but they do a great swim at high speed.

Penguins are very well adapted to life in the water. Their wings are transformed into “fins” for diving and swimming, and do not use them to fly. In the water are therefore extremely manoeuvrable. In their smooth plumage there is a layer of air that protects them from the cold, but also helps in diving.

Flying is a specialized and energy-consuming form of motion, so all parts of a flying animal’s body are developed for life in the air. Penguins cannot fly because they have adapted to life in the sea in the same way that seals have.

In the wild, penguins usually live about 20 years (minimum 15 years), but some species of penguins live longer.

This is 5 reasons why Penguins can’t fly

Breathing: Flying is hard work and requires a very efficient breathing system, which uses the oxygen in air quickly and efficiently. A penguin’s lungs are adapted instead to allow it to hold its breath underwater — which it does far better than any other bird.

Weight: Because of their thick layer of blubber, solid bones and dense plumage, penguins are too heavy in proportion to their size to be able to fly.

Why Can't Penguins FlyBreast muscles: In some birds, the chest muscles that power flight make up about half of its total weight. A penguin’s chest muscles are strong, but not strong enough for it to fly.

Feathers: Penguin feathers are small and set very close together, creating a water-repellent layer. The feathers of other birds are lighter and have a much larger surface.

Wings: Penguin wings have been converted into efficient flippers that are small and stiff. Under the water, they prove their worth. But the wing is too inflexible and its surface area is too small to carry the penguin in the air.

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