5 Facts About a Tiger Shark

They were named after tiger-like stripes that are generally found in young sharks.

The older the lines are, the more they disappear and become invisible in adult sharks.

The background color of tiger shar skin is bluish green or dark in the upper area, and the stomach is light yellowish.

They grow up to five feet, and they are scavengers who eat everything they find, from sea animals and snake to dead whales and carcass.

Killers of human
The tiger shark is considered one of the most dangerous shark species that belongs to the group of predators that attack humans. They are responsible for more than 200 attacks on people per year, of which more than 30 are fatal.

Tiger sharks instinctively attack if their territory is endangered, especially at mating time. They are also prone to cannibalism. 2015 in an aquarium in Seoul a tiger shark of 2.2 meters attacked, killed and ate a little smaller “friend”.

Disappeared pummelers could see how a large tiger shark slowly drifted off his prey, and needed almost 21 hours to overcome the bite.

Tiger Shark image gallery

They can kill the whale?
Tiger sharks are one of the most dangerous in the world because they often move in shivers. In 2016 years appeared a video in which a group of 70 sharks kills and eats Humpback whale. They literally snapped it in a short time.

Sharp teeth and slow move
Tiger sharks are famous for their sharp serrated teeth that are in solid jaws and allow them unusual eating habits.

Hunting allows them to develop a sense of sight and hearing. Teeth are so sharp that ‘like saw’ can cut the armor of sea turtles.

These sharks swim very slowly and this is why they can easily approach the prey. They are particularly well-masked against dark backgrounds and can easily hunt their prey.

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