Visit The ‘Cursed’ Island of Mutilated Dolls

If you are bored with the usual tourist route where more yawning than admiring the local landscape, then the Island Puppet place to go. Surrounded heads, bodies without limbs and scattered eyeballs in mud, make sure this trip will be frightening.

Surrounded by the cut-off heads and bodies without limbs, Mexican dolls Island attracts tourists from around the world. The island is dedicated to a girl who drowned in a nearby canal Xochimilco.

The island, covered with hundreds of dolls is creepy attraction for tourists looking for shock and unusual landscapes.

Good to know that this is a floating garden, also known as chinampa, which belonged to Julian Santana Barrera, one hermit who lived in the canal.

His bizarre creations was discovered ’90s, when the local council had to clean the canal. Santana Barrera created a terrifying memorial in memory of the girl whose body was found near his home.

XochimilcoA few days after the girl was discovered drowned in the same place he found a doll. Believing that the spirit of the girls is in it, hooked it to a tree. Over the years, he collected old dolls from the canal and put them on the walls of his home or nearby trees.

The discovery of this island Santana Barrera became a local celebrity, and visitors are themselves brought dolls and unsightly swamp quickly became popular thanks to the hundreds of dolls.

Santana Barrera died in 2001. He drowned in a canal in the same place where he found the girl’s body.