Remee Sleep Mask Review

Given the chance, most people would love to be able to fly. Or breathe underwater. Or conjure objects at will. But these sorts of things are generally reserved to the realm of superheroes – unless you can “lucid dream.”

We’re usually passive participants in our dreams, but with lucid dreaming, you become conscious and control what happens while you’re sleeping. You might have experienced this sort of dream once or twice before – often as a child – but unless the skill is practiced, it’s very difficult to achieve these sorts of dreams regularly.

The Remee is a sleeping mask embedded with six LED lights. When you turn on the device and go to sleep, Remee waits about five hours until it’s likely you’re in a period of solid rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the time we have most of our dreams every night. Then, the device flashes its LED lights in an organized sequence. The idea is the light enters your dream, and makes you realise that you’re dreaming – helping you become lucid.

Remee Sleep Mask ReviewOf course, it’s not quite that easy – whether or not you’re using a sleep-mask device like the Remee or other techniques, lucid dreaming takes work. To get the most out of the Remee, you’ll need to train yourself to do reality checks when you see red lights in real life. That way, when you see the lights in your dream, you’ll do a reality check out of habit, and recognize that you’re in fact dreaming.

If you’re interested in controlling your dreams, but can’t quite get there on your own, the Remee may be just the thing to push you into lucidity.

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