How Do You Make The Perfect App

App development relies on the Apple and Android developer kits and a variety of third-party software to turn your idea into reality. The official developer kits come with most of the software you’ll need to make your app, including coding and simulation programs.

The first part of app development is designing how your app will look. For this you’ll need stencil equipment, supplied from companies like UI Stencils, to sketch out your app design. These physical templates allow you to sketch the layout of each page to determine button layout, image locations and other information.

Once happy with your design, you’ll need to build the app in an Apple or Android environment.

MonoDroidThis can be done on programs such as Xcode and MonoDroid, which let you code in C – a computer programming language that creates lists of instructions for a program to follow – so you can visibly see the results of your actions. This allows you to build links between pages on your app and assign functions to buttons.

Once you have finished building your app, it must be loaded into a simulator supplied with the developer kit for testing. You can then load it onto your iPhone, iPad or Android device for further debugging, until it’s ready to be uploaded onto the App Store or Android Market, following a brief submission process.

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