How do Humidifiers Work

The ideal level of humidity for our homes is around 40-50 per cent to be comfortable. If it’s too low our skin and mucosal membranes can dry out, which can lead to cracks in our skin and breathing difficulties.

For temperate and colder regions of the world, low humidity usually happens during winter when very little moisture exists as vapour in the air. We talk about ‘relative humidity’, because warmer air can hold more water, and the air will hit saturation point (ie 100 per cent humidity) with considerably less moisture at cooler temperatures.

HumidifierHumidifiers work by putting water back into the air of a room or an entire house. Using several methods they can pass HO from a reservoir up through a filter where a fan blows the vapour into the air. A steam vaporiser boils water to release vapour, an impeller uses a diffuser to break water into droplets and releases it as a fog, while an ultrasonic humidifier vibrates a diaphragm, which also turns water into tiny droplets.

Why Buy a Humidifier?

Humidifiers: Air moisture eases skin, breathing symptoms

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