Dogs and Fireworks

Fireworks are impossible to avoid, so make this fireworks season stress-free for you and your dog by following this advice from The Company of Animals:

10 ways to beat fireworks fears

1. Desensitization – teach your dog that the sounds of fireworks are nothing to fear. This can be done by exposing your dog to similar sounds at a volume that he can manage. The CLIX Noises and Sounds CD, GBP 8.99, is perfect for this.

2. Create a safe haven – teach your pet that this is a place of safety, relaxation and comfort that he can use when he feels scared or unsure. It is different to a ‘bolt hole’ where your pet would run, hide and feel very scared and panicked.

3. Early walk – take your dog for his walk and provide him with an opportunity to pee and poo before the fireworks begin.

4. Noise abatement – having the radio or TV on a little louder may help fade the firework sounds. Close your curtains before the fireworks start to block out flashes.

5. Don’t worry – if your pet seems worried, do not react by being worried yourself; your pet will pick up on this emotion and it will make him more anxious. Remain calm and confident in your actions. However, if your dog is terrified then by all means comfort him.

Dogs and Fireworks6. Keep your dog occupied -provide him with something he enjoys to keep him distracted, such as marrow bone, marrow chew or a stuffed KONG.

7. Remedies – The Company of Animals recommends HomeoPet Anxiety TFNL drops, GBP 10.19, which are easy to give your dog before the fireworks start or while they are going on. (Read the instructions carefully).

8. Neighbours – if you’re planning on raising the volume on your radio/TV, explain this to your neighbours. Your dog may also bark more during the fireworks.

9. Professional help – if your pet is overly frightened and is even hurting himself in his panic then contact your vet who should be able to prescribe medication to help.

10. Prevention – begin preparation early; do not wait for your dog to become distressed before you start to do something about it.

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