Hunger and Starvation Facts – Is It Good to Be Hungry

Hunger has nothing in common with an empty stomach, although most people believe it does. The newborn is born with an empty stomach, but still does not feel hungry the first few days. People who are sick or have a fever, often do not feel hunger, though their stomach is empty.

What causes hunger?
Hunger occurs when the blood does not have certain nutrients. As soon as this happens, the message is sent to the center for hunger in the brain. This center operates on the stomach and intestine as a brake. As long as there is enough food in the blood, the hunger center slows the stomach and intestines. At the moment when the blood runs out of these nutrients, the brain’s center for hunger begins to affect the amplification of the work of the stomach and intestines. For this reason we, when we are hungry, often intestine “gurgle”.

Can one type of food satisfy us?

When we are hungry, we do not feel the need for the a particular type of food, but only for the food that would satiate us. However, only one type of food can not satisfy us and is not healthy. Would not it be difficult to eat only potatoes, even in different forms? However, if for the meal we eat soup, meat, vegetables and sweets in that amount which is sufficient for one meal, diet will be correct and we will be satisfied.

How long can live without food? Calm and peaceful people can endure longer than those who are easily aroused. Adults endure longer than children.

starvation factsIs It Good to Be Hungry?

The fact is that starvation is good for the health of the digestive system, and also a great influence on the quality of the blood, which is the basis of human health. If you do not eat, your body starts to consume internal reserves, during which at least taken from the nervous tissue, heart and other organs. Body uses the first diseased tissue, tumors, cysts, growths and the like. That is everything that does not belong to the body and what should be thrown out. Starvation to 40-50 days is not dangerous. During starvation by taking juice purifying ability of organs such as the lungs, liver, kidneys and skin significantly increases and the multitude of accumulated wastes and toxins removed from the body. Read also Adipose Tissue Facts!

Treatment with starvation

Treatment with starvation represents an internal operation without the blade, wherein the more subtle nature of any surgeon – it keeps what is healthy and eliminates what is sick. Fact is that during starvation body weight decreases, the largest weight loss was observed in the first period of starvation, then gradually decreases. As is the body younger, weight loss is greater.

hunger factsStudies have shown that patients who are suffering from anemia, the lack of red blood cells or increasing white, usually well treated with starvation. Especially noticeable effect of starvation on skin rejuvenation Рsharp lines and wrinkles become less conspicuous, the skin becomes younger, getting more beautiful color and shine, and improves the structure of the tissue. Read also Why We Gain Weight!

Hunger in animals

Among the animals there are also differences. Tick and bed bugs can withstand without food the whole year. Dog dies after twenty days of starvation. Small birds can not endure without food for more than five days. If the animal is smaller and more alive, the more quickly consumes its food supply. Warm-blooded animals can not live if they lose more than half their normal weight.

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