Facts About Adipose Tissue

Today, almost everyone takes care of their body weight and a large number of men and women holding a diet. One can say that fat no one wants. However, adipose tissue, or fat, is necessary to human body.

How adipose tissue is formed
It accumulates in the following manner: in some places the connective tissue cells are filled with fatty substances. First appearing tiny droplets inside the cell. These droplets are increased by volume, combine into big drop and finally fulfill the entire cell. Finally, the cell turns into a big drop of fat surrounded by a thin membrane.

Women have more fat
Fat cells generate only some parts of the body. Ears, nose, forehead and around the joints normally do not have fat. As a rule, the woman’s body accumulates more fat than the body of a man. For example, a normal body of a man contains about 10 percent fat, while a normal woman’s body is about 25 percent. This means that a young man can have about 7 pounds of body fat in his body, a young woman about 17 pounds!

Sugar vs Fat facts

The body accumulates fat that would serve as a backup food. Fats are particularly suitable for this purpose because they are the best “fuel” we know. Normal daily fuel that we consume is actually sugar. The body easily burns sugarwhile fat burning is a complex process. But fat has twice the calorific value of the sugar, and are therefore particularly suitable as a reserve food in the body.

belly-body-calories-dietWhen you taking insufficient quantities of food for the needs of your body, fat reserves are beginning to dissipate. Fact is that sugars (not fat) are the real bad guys who are stealing our health and sabotage our waists. Eating the right fats will make us slim. Quality fat increase metabolism, promote fat burning, reduce hunger, optimize cholesterol levels, and can direct type 2 diabetes in the positive direction of healing and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Role and function of adipose tissue

Another reason that the body needs fat is its protective role. Adipose tissue acts as a rubber pillow. Can not be squeezed, because it is elastic. These “pillows” of fat are in the buttocks area, so that we can sit comfortably, then under the arch of the foot, under the skin of the palm, on the cheeks and in cushions on which lay our eyeballs. The third role of adipose tissue is that the human body protects against excessive heat loss.

not-fatFats and skin health

It is known as fatty foods cause a number of adverse conditions of the skin, but the lack of healthy fats in the diet results in equally unfavorable conditions for the skin. Our body can not produce lipids naturally, so that their production encourages intake of omega 3 fatty acids whose adding in nutrition support layer of the skin that keeps moisture and prevents skin irritation.

Walnut and mental abilities

Lack of unsaturated fatty acids in the diet leads to changes in the neurons involved in the processes of thinking and memory. Therefore, if you decline the concentration and poor remember it is time to include fats in the diet. Walnut is one of the foods that contain healthy fats to improve mental abilities. Only 30 grams of nuts a day will satisfy all needs for healthy fats.

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