How Does Dew Form On Grass In The Early Morning

People used to think that the dew is heavenly nectar, as it appeared seemingly out of nowhere and glittered on every blade of grass, in every leaf and flower.

Rolling on the dew and bathing in it was favorite part of some ancient rituals, and people were consuming it for quick refreshment and good health.

Dew does not occur only early in the morning on the grass. In summer, when it is very warm, a kind of dew occurs on cold water pipes, or glass filled with ice. Dew is formed when the air saturated with water comes into contact with cold surfaces. The air is characterized by a temperature called the dew point temperature.

This means that at a certain temperature and pressure a quantity of air contains the highest possible quantity of water vapor. The air was drenched, like a sponge full of water at the time of it start to fall out drops. Will there be dew in the morning depends on what the temperature was the previous night.

When the sun goes down, the Earth’s surface begins to lose heat which was gathering all day. Cools down and humid air just above the ground. When the sky is clear, the heat is simply radiated into space. A cool air, which is heavier, can not contain such a large amount of water vapor as warm air. Therefore, he quickly reaches the dew point, which can not receive more water without “shedding”. If the weather does not change, and if does not appear wind that brought from the height hot air – dew is formed.

Dew on grass bladeThis happens as follows: air pre saturated with water vapor touches the cold blade of grass. Since water vapor in contact with grass cools and turns into liquid droplets that fall on the grass (like from a soaked sponge). These droplets are fixed to the water that evaporates from the natural plants. The entire lawn quickly covers the droplets, which, when it was morning and the sun comes out, shine and glitter.

Dew is usually formed on a clear night, because there is no cloud that would prevent the heat radiates into space. Therefore, if you have the morning dew, that day will not be rain, and the absence of a rose is they might be rain.

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