Will there Ever be Space Travel

In the future, we’ll walk in spaceships like on Earth, using artificial gravity. We’ll view the vastness of space through shielded windows, point the bow to our next star system and brace ourselves for light speed.


We’re busting several space myths for the price of one here, though they’re all straight out of television programmes like Star Trek and its science-fiction kin. For a start, there’s no way of creating Earth-like gravity without something that has the mass of Earth. We can approximate it using centrifugal force, but gravity and mass are strictly proportional.

Space TravelFor the same reason, travelling really fast in space will have no g-force effect beyond the rate of your spacecraft’s acceleration. Windows are pointless; they’re structurally weak compared with a solid bit of hull between you and the void, and it makes no difference what shape the ship is because, for you, up will always be the direction that the ship is thrusting in while it’s accelerating.

And what about light speed? Well, until we can figure out how to bend the rules governing Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, that will never be possible.


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