What’s Inside The Samsung Galaxy Tab

How does the flagship Android tablet manage to do so much in such a small space?

It would be easy to think of the Galaxy Tab as a very large Android smartphone, but that would be to ignore the thought that Samsung has put into designing the product. Designing a small tablet that still offers a usable experience is not easy, but some clever technology has been squeezed in to enable this to happen.

The seven-inch super TFT screen has been designed by aligning the molecules of the liquid crystal to a perfect parallel, which allows for a wide viewing angle up to 170 degrees. This technology, while not new, is also power efficient which helps the battery produce up to seven hours of video playback on one single charge.

This is backed up by the 1GHz Hummingbird processor, which uses incredibly close placement of the circuitry on board to increase clock speeds resulting in minimal power drain.

The inclusion of an HSDPA chip produces a mobile data speed of up to 7.2Mbps to rival many home broadband connections and the Broadcom chip takes care of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling almost constant connections to the outside world.

Two Samsung Galaxy TabsThe built-in gyroscopic sensor is able to sense exactly how the Tab is being held by sensing the exact position of a tiny vibrating object in relation to the X,Y and Z axes. This is particularly useful for advanced gaming and augmented reality apps, which are designed to use this technology wherever I possible. The front and rear cameras are not well specified, but are useful for snapshots or for video calling, which utilizes the front camera and the HSDPA or Wi-Fi connectivity.

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There is a lot of advanced technology squeezed into the Galaxy Tab, but it remains lightweight at only 380 grams. It is also half the weight of an iPad thanks to the plastic outer shell that has been used to cover the multitude of components. It may not look classy -and is a very lo-tech material – but it certainly helps reduce the overall weight of this flagship tablet.

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