Renault Twizy Review UK

Winter is now properly upon us, but the Twizy’s odometer continues to trickle upwards. We’ve now crossed the 1500-mile mark, which sounds pretty feeble until you realize that the limit on the entry-level battery lease is 4500 miles every 12 months (it costs GBP 55 per month).

The cooler conditions haven’t really affected our use of the Twizy during the day; it’s still a popular choice for those embarking on lunchtime sorties around the streets of Teddington, and the distances involved in those journeys aren’t troubling the reduced range encountered with lower temperatures.

Nor, it has to be said, does rain bother the daytime users. Even without the soon-to-be-available side windows, the Twizy does a half-decent job of keeping out the rain when you’re on the move.

Evening use has dropped considerably, though – perhaps because fewer people are so keen to jump on board when it’s dark, cold and (usually) wet outside. Renault Twizy Review

For this you can blame the luxury of a car park that has enough vehicles for the entire office – but even so, you’d need to be a hardened commuter to stick with it.

On another note, Renault budget brand Dacia recently announced that the entry-level five-door Sandero supermini will cost GBP 69 a month to finance.

That’s an amazing figure – and one that puts the monthly lease bills of the even barer Twizy in the spotlight. More proof, if it were needed, that EVs are a lifestyle choice first and a technical novelty second.