Largest and Best Preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton “Sue”

On August 12, in 1990. was discovered the largest and best preserved yet found Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton (T-Rex). The skeleton named “Sue” by its discoverer – paleontologist Susan “Sue” Hendrickson. Skeleton in the meantime sold for 7,600,000 dollars, the highest price ever paid for any dinosaur skeleton.

Sue Hendrickson discovered the skeleton in South Dakota. The value of this specimen is that it is 80% complete. Skeleton is 12.9 meters in length, and it is estimated that the Tyrannosaurus rex which he belonged was during life weighs about 6,400 pounds.

Tyrannosaurus Rex SkeletonBecause the name “Sue” the skeleton is usually considered feminine, but does not know which the animal was sex.

Lived before about 67 million years, and died at the age of 28 years. Today skeleton is exposed to a significant museum “Field Museum of Natural History,” in Chicago. The teeth of the skeletons have a length of up to 30.5 inches, a huge skull weighs 272 pounds.