How Electronic Cigarettes Help To Quit Smoking

How do these zero tar, zero tobacco cigarettes help smokers quit?

Electronic cigarettes, such as the E-Lites brand pictured here, work by turning liquid nicotine into vapour by heating it up in an atomizing chamber, allowing it to then be inhaled by the user through a plastic inhaler.

The cigarette consists of five main components: an indicator light on the tip of the cigarette, which lights up when nicotine is inhaled; a battery encased in the cigarette’s body to power the atomizer; the atomizer itself (a small piece of equipment used to convert liquid to vapour); and a microchip regulator and indicator to control the amount of nicotine atomized and inhaled in one go, and the plastic inhaler.

Out of the box, in order for users to smoke the electronic cigarette, they must first charge its battery component. The battery on the electronic cigarette is charged up through a USB connection hub – a process that takes approximately 30 minutes for a full charge.

Electronic CigarettesOnce the battery is charged – this is necessary to power the atomizer – users can then connect the atomizer and nicotine cartridge. Each nicotine cartridge provides 12 cigarettes’ worth of nicotine, with each cigarette constituting 12 inhalations through the inhaler.

These electronic cigarettes are tobacco and tar free, which is beneficial to their users as they contain zero carcinogens and no harmful additive chemicals. Furthermore, they are smoke free, with only a sweet-smelling vapour exhaled by their users. As with regular cigarettes, the electronic variant is not for sale to anyone below 18 years of age.

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