How do Can Openers Work

Crucial for extracting tasty foodstuffs, can openers have developed evermore refined and easy-to-use designs.

Rotating wheel, plier-grip can openers work by transferring the rotational movement of their key handle – which is rotated by the user – into a circular cutting wheel in order to pierce and cut the lid. To do this the opener uses a system of three gears: two spur gears to transmit the rotational motion of the key to the cutting wheel -which can also step up the force applied – and one feed gear to guide its cutting path round the rim.

In order to further stabilize the grip of the can between the feed gear and the cutting gear, the plier-type handle also allows the user to transfer tension to the cutting plane. The cutting wheel tends to be made from high-grade steel capable of breaking the resistance threshold of the softer lid material and is manufactured with sharp, tapered edges for a clean cut.

Can openers parts

How do Can Openers Work1. Cutting wheel – The sharp spherical wheel designed to pierce and cut the can’s lid. The wheel is made from high-grade steel for a clean cut.

2. Spur gears – The spur gears transmit the turning force applied to the key handle into the feed and cutting wheels. On certain models they can also step up the force applied, multiplying it for a reduced turn-to-cut ratio.

3. Feed wheel – The feed wheel helps to grip the can in the correct way and guide the cutting wheel around its circumference.

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