10 Facts About Zebras

Black with white
Many animals have stripes on the body, but stripes with zebra are more pronounced than in other species. It is scientifically proven that zebras are actually black with white stripes, and not vice versa as most considered.

Function of stripes
Black and white stripes regulate their body temperature, but also this color combination helps to protect it from predators and insects whose bites transmit a variety of diseases. Depending on where they are located, will vary its stripes. Zebras that live in the warmer regions will have more stripes on the body of those who live in colder regions, and those from warmer regions will not overheat.

Unique “fingerprint”
Each zebra has its own set of lines, and these stripes are unique and represent something like a fingerprint. This means no two zebras with the same stripes anywhere in the world. Read also why are so Many Mammals Black and White.

zebra factsColder than other
Their skin temperature is up to 5 degrees lower than in other mammals from the region. This means that much easier to tolerate the heat and lack of water, and less tiring as they move.

Zebroid is animal resulting from a cross between a zebra with a donkey (zonkey), a horse (zorse) or pony (zony). The goal was to create animals that are resistant to disease, easier to ride, but at the same time it is possible to load more cargo.

In the wild, zebras usually live between 20 and 30 years, while in zoos can experience forties.

Gold zebra
Zebra named Zoe is only gold zebra in the world! Black color is replaced by gold and beige stripes. Many people consider that this is albino zebra, but tests have shown that this is not true. Lack of pigmentation causes complete absence of melanin, but at Zoe was diagnosed amelanizam or disorder of pigmentation and melanin levels.

Zebras are very dangerous and aggressive animals. It is impossible to tame it as other animals. In the US zoos are exactly zebras most responsible for the most injuries of people and zoo-keepers. They bite and hit with their hooves, and in the wild by a shot of the hoof can kill a lion or a hyena.

Ostriches and zebras often move together like friends. The benefits of this are both because ostrich very well see, so can warn of danger, while zebra can feel the smell a lot better. Read also about Animal Camouflage.

The horses looked like zebras
Horses used to have stripes like a zebra today. For the current appearance of horses was responsible man during the process of their taming. During the centuries-long process the horses lost their “wild” camouflage – black coat with white markings, known as Dun’s form.

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