How is a Plane Constructed

An eternal dream of human to flight was realized with the invention of the airplane, which has radically changed the quality of human life. Thanks to the inexhaustible treasury of Michelangelo’s ideas, as well as the perseverance and courage of the Wright brothers, today’s man can cross huge distances in such a short time, so it is possible for life to visit almost all the places on our planet …

Civil aviation was developed after World War II. During the twenties of the 20th century, travelers often fly with postal planes, sometimes with the postal bags in the wing. In the late thirties flying has become much more comfortable way to travel. The first international passenger flights from London to Paris, began in 1919. The first passenger planes were often refurbished bombers from World War II.

The first jet plane “Heinkel He-178” took off in 1939. But the main development of jets came after Second World War. The first jet airliner “The heavy land comet” was put into service in 1952. Today, on almost all long-distance flight jet airplanes.

Most of the planes have a central part of which is called fuselage with wings. Smaller wings, horizontal stabilizers and vertical stabilizer, tail, are located on the rear of the fuselage. Straight wings are best for transporting massive loads at low speeds, while the faster drive used the wings angled back. Some military jets, as “Tornado”, have movable wings, which can additionally be moved at high speed in reverse.

Some planes do not have smaller wings as horizontal stabilizers. Instead, wings create a triangle which is called delta. This model of wings was applied on “Concorde”. Delta wings are good for high-speed but at low speeds does not behave well. For several types of aircraft wings are set back and the horizontal stabilizers are located at the front.

The planes usually have a frame made of light alloy such as duralumin. They are covered with panels of lightweight metals that make up the shell and fuselage very strong, such as tube. The wings are designed in a similar way. Before this technique was developed, twenties of the last century, airplanes had wooden or metal frame covered with canvas or fixed with wire.

ConcordeMajority of modern airplanes used jet engines of various types. Even when using a propeller, power can come from turbo-propellor engines. Until the fifties, most airplanes had propellers driven by conventional motors. Some small planes have also today. These engines operate on the same principle as the engines of cars.

Inside the aircraft most is space for passengers which includes seats. Behind this section are placed rear toilets and rear kitchen. In front of the plane is located cockpit in which the pilot and co-pilot’s seat and control aircraft…

Few facts: Concorde was the first supersonic (faster than sound) airliner, today’s planes fly at half the speed than the Concorde. The fast is that one Jumbo Jet using the same amount of fuel transports four times more passengers than the Concorde. Here you can check what caused the Demise of Concorde

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